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Gifted Education at BASD

over 2 years ago

Gifted education is education including specially designed instruction individually designed to meet the needs of an individual student identified as meeting the Pennsylvania guidelines to be identified as gifted AND demonstrating a need for the specially designed instruction.  If you have questions about gifted education in BASD, please contact the Director of Special Education at 814-849-1108.  Gifted education is provided to students of school age meeting the two-prong identification -- gifted by evaluation scores or multiple measures AND demonstrating a need for specially designed instruction. 


Parents who suspect that their child is in need of specially designed instruction beyond that required in 22 Pa. School Code §4 (relating to academic standards and assessments) may request in writing that their child be evaluated under the criteria of 22 Pa. School Code §16.22.  Contact the Director of Special Education at 814-849-1108. 


The district protects the confidentiality of personally identifiable information regarding its students in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 and other applicable federal and state laws.

Wiggio for Parents of Gifted Students
A wiggio is a private site where information can be shared with those invited to be a part of the group. If you wish to be added to the BASD Gifted Wiggio site, contact the Director of Special Education at (814) 849-1108.