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Enrollment of Students

over 2 years ago

Welcome to the Brookville Area School District!  To register in the District, the following five (5) documents must be submitted for enrollment:

  1. Proof of the child's age.  Any one (1) of the following constitutes acceptable documentation: birth certificate, notarized copy of birth certificate, baptismal certificate (showing date of birth), copy of the record of baptism (notarized or duly certified showing the date of birth), notarized statement from the parents or another relative indicating the date of birth, a valid passport, a prior school record indicating date of birth. ***
  2. Immunizations required by law. ***
  3. Proof of residency (see Administrative Regulations 200-AR-0 for the list of items to provide proof of residency).
  4. Parent Registration Statement - The Parent Registration Statement is a sworn statement attesting to whether the student has been or is suspended or expelled from a prior school or district for offenses involving drugs, alcohol, weapons, infliction of injury or violence on school property.
  5. Home Language Survey.
Proof of identity may be required for notarized forms during registration.

***Homeless students may be enrolled if they are unable to present this information.

After the above-listed documentation is submitted to the District, the District must enroll the student within five (5) school days.

To register your child(ren), please call and make an appointment with the office staff:

Elementary:  (814) 849-1112
Jr./Sr. High School:  (814) 849-1107 or (814) 849-1106

Change of Address

For a change of address during the school year, please use the Change of Address Form .

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