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School Counseling Department Staff
Email Ray Doolittle at and I will send you an attachment of the application form.

ESSAY: Applicants must submit an essay of 150 to 200 words typed, with the application form. “Rob
Connor was an individual who was passionate in all he did. He gave 100% in every aspect of his
life.” In the essay, explain how you possess these same qualities. How have you given 100% in your
life? In addition, include how this scholarship will help you pursue your own goals and dreams, thus
emulating the life that Rob lived.

Submission should be emailed to Sandy Connor Cale at before May 22nd.

There will be one (1) scholarship offered to BAHS seniors this year from the Brookville Area School District Scholarship Fund. The amount of the scholarships this year is $500. The individual scholarships will be based on the quality of the essay regarding academic performance at BAHS. An essay must be submitted for the scholarship. The topic is listed below:

Scholarship Topic: How have I challenged myself academically at BAHS and how has this experience prepared me for the rigors of post-secondary education.

Essays should be 300 words in length and must be returned to Ray Doolittle at by May 8th, 2020.

This scholarship is in the (anticipated) amount of $2,500. Selection criteria will be based on the following information:

• Academic performance in high school
• Character and leadership
• Details of extracurricular and community involvement
• Two letters of recommendation
• Planned course of study
• How this scholarship will benefit me.

Please write a one-page essay discussing these points and reasons why you should be awarded this scholarship.
The due date is April 15. 2020. Please return to Mr. Doolittle.
The Laurel Festival Pageant (for Laurel Queen) is open to females between the ages of 16-20 and the winner will receive a $1500 scholarship. Email Ray Doolittle at for application forms and additional information.
The David "Chip" Wonderling Memorial Scholarship
The David "Chip" Wonderling Memorial Scholarship
A $500 scholarship will be awarded to one BAHS senior based on the following application materials.

Students should write an essay of at least 500 words explaining what public service means to you.

Students should also list the following information:
Extra-curricular activities;
Community Service Activities;
Post secondary Plans (school and major).

Application must be postmarked by April 30th, 2020.

Return applications to the following address:

Brookville Volunteer Fire Company
Attn: Eric Sweitzer
240 Madison Avenus
Brookville, PA 15825

Please write a short essay of less than 150 words per questions for each of the following topics. Plan on May 8th, 2020 as the due date. The scholarship amount is $1000.00.

1. Write an introductory paragraph telling us about yourself and your character.

2. Write about your participation and experience with varsity sports. (Must be a two varsity letter recipient.)

3. A close friend wrote, "Clint truly left every person he would meet better off than when he found them. Whether a team, a school project, a friend's problem, or just a conversation on the phone, he truly left every situation better off than how he found it." Write a paragraph about a time that you had a positive impact on others.

4. Write a short paragraph about your plans after graduation.

The Brookville Lions Club is offering a $500 scholarship to graduating seniors from the class of 2020. Please write a one-page essay entitled, "How have I made the community of Brookville (or a surrounding area) a better place to live?"

Also, please attach a informational sheet that includes the following details:

Intended Post-Secondary School;
Intended Major;
Activities, Clubs, Athletics, Extra-Curriculars;
Community Service Activities;

Send completed application to before May 8th, 2020.
In anticipation of the Susan Ord Heverley Nursing Scholarship being awarded to a member of the Class of 2020, any student intending to major in the field of nursing should answer the following essay questions in 150 words or less. The amount of the scholarship is $500.

1. How have you contributed to your school and your community while attending BAHS?

2. What person has influenced your life the most, and how?

3. Why do you want to pursue a career in the healthcare field?

Return responses to Ray Doolittle at
The Brookville Fraternal Order of Eagles will be offering four scholarships, each in the amount of $1500, to BAHS seniors going on to college, trade school, or technical school.

Students must write an essay on the following topic: "The motto of the Fraternal Order of Eagles is 'People Helping People.' Please write a short essay stating what you have done or will be doing to promote our motto on your journey through life."

Include your name, address, and phone number on each essay and mail them to the Brookville F.O.E.

Brookville F.O.E. # 983
270 Main Street
Brookville, PA 15825

Alpha Delta Kappa (ADK) is offering a cash scholarship in the amount of at least $400 to a senior student from either Brookville or C-L. Applicants must be pursuing a degree in education.

Students should submit a 500 word essay explaining why you want to be a teacher and the role that altruism or volunteerism has played in this decision.

Your name and address should be listed on a cover page.

The due date is April 24th, 2020. Please email submissions to Nicole Oakes at .
There are several ways to earn very inexpensive college credits while you are still a student at Brookville Area High School. The most common way is through BAHS classes that will also give you Pitt-Bradford credits. Some student also chose to take "Dual Enrollment" courses through Clarion University. See Mr. Doolittle for details.
SCHOLARSHIPS!!! Class of 2020
SCHOLARSHIPS!!!  Class of 2020
This is the time of year when SENIORS should be looking for scholarships. Many scholarships were made available before school closed down. I am trying to contact donors and continue to get the word out regarding ongoing scholarships. Please email me at if you have questions about scholarships, due dates, addresses, etc. Announcements will be posted on this page as info becomes available.
Get set up on Fastweb for scholarship notifications. You can decide which ones to apply for and which ones to disregard.

Starting NOW, come up with some good "community service" involvement that will really be moving to people who read these scholarship essays. This should be more than "Honor Society" litter clean-up, or something that sounds the same as every other essay.

A lot of the local community organizations that decide on these scholarships are just a group of men or women sitting around a table reading essays and asking themselves, "Who do we feel good about giving our money to?" They want an individual who represents them in a positive way AND someone who they feel good about the community service work they have done.

The local essays don't need to be particularly fancy or have really big (awkward) words -- just be emotionally moving and to the point. It IS very important to have excellent grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.
Parents... DON'T!
Parents... DON'T!
I frequently get messages from parents who are filling out their son/daughter's SAT application or college application. In my professional opinion, this is NOT a good idea. College is a lot of work, and it is also very expensive... probably over $25,000/year even at a small, local university. If a high school senior does not have the initiative to fill out his/her own application, registration materials, or scholarships, they will probably not have the self-discipline to do the work that is required to be successful at the collegiate level. As a parent, you might think that you are doing them a favor because they are "too busy." However, I have found that the busiest and best seniors find a way to get it done THEMSELVES. Their parents would never do this type of work for them. I hate to see families going into debt for a student who drops out of college after a semester or two -- and the drop-out rate is about 50%. Let your child show you that they are committed to higher education by doing these tasks themselves. Don't do it for them!
SAT Exams
SAT Exams
The SAT Exam will be offered four times throughout the 2019-2020 school year. The dates at Brookville are Nov 2, 2019, Dec 7, 2019, March 14, 2020, May 2, 2020. Some other schools in the surrounding area may have tests on other dates (e.g., Clarion and Punxsy) when Brookville does not. Visit their website to create an account and register for an exam. Please record our school code as 390465 so we get your scores and can submit them to colleges with your transcripts. Brookville's test site code is 39-160. WHEN YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT, MAKE SURE THAT YOU NEVER LOSE YOUR LOGIN AND PASSWORD!!! It is virtually impossible to get it back from them, and you will not be allowed to create another account.


7 months ago

Preparing for college can be a scary endeavor for some students and families.  On this page, I am going to try to give you some guidelines that will help you stay on track in getting ready for the future.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that if you "missed" any of these steps, it is never too late to backtrack and catch up.  This is only a suggestion guide that may help the process be a little easier.  

PLEASE NOTE:  While this page is primarily geared toward the college application process, I am not the kind of Guidance Counselor who feels that "college is right for everyone."  In fact, statistics that we are seeing indicate that 50% of students who start college end up dropping out, and 50% of those who actually finish college do not find jobs in their intended field.  While additional education after high school is very important to finding good employment, trade schools and technical schools are excellent ways to achieve this training.

9th GRADE & 10th GRADE:

These years are primarily about career exploration and taking the "core classes" and electives that will set students up for the future.  This means taking challenging classes that will prepare you for the rigors of college.  These classes are also the "building blocks" that will help students be able to move on to AP classes, Dual Enrollment classes, or college-in-the high school classes that are offered through BAHS in future years.

Extracurricular activities and community service activities teach students "time management" skills, help bolster their resumes and college applications, and also set students up to be much stronger candidates in terms of scholarship applications.

11th GRADE:

Students should plan to take the SAT or ACT Exam at least once during their junior year.  Classes should still be geared toward the most challenging schedule that the student can take.  A "job shadow" can be arranged to help students refine their career search.  Students should also continue exploring various colleges, universities, majors, and professional fields.  Later in the junior year, and during the summer between junior and senior years, students and families should start visiting various college campuses to get a "feel" for the campuses where the student can envision him/herself attending.

11th grade is a prime year for students to consider "dual enrollment" classes or "college-in-the-high-school" classes.  These are opportunities to accumulate college credits at a significantly less expensive rate than after high school.

12th GRADE:

This is the big year, and often students and families get overwhelmed by everything that they face.  Hang in there... it's temporary... and many, many people go through this process.   Make sure that the SAT or ACT has been taken.  Refine the college search and narrow down the options of schools and majors.  Ideally, the application process will begin early in the senior year, but kids apply all year long. Remember to notify the Guidance Office to request transcripts when you apply.  In OCTOBER, the FAFSA becomes available.  FAFSA is the biggest and best financial aid resource available to families, and opens the door to potential grants and loans through the Federal and State government.  Some national and regional scholarships become available early in the senior year, but most local scholarships don't get advertised until Spring of the senior year.


These are some random thoughts for the entire process... 1.)  Students hoping to play sports in college need to be aware of very specific course requirements mandated by the NCAA.  2.)  There are frequent visits from college admission representatives to the BAHS Guidance Department. Students should take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about specific colleges and programs.  3.)  FEE WAIVERS are available for the SAT Exam and ACT Exam for students who participate in the free/reduced lunch program.  4.)  Some colleges will waive the application fee (usually $25-$50) if the student is involved with the free/reduced lunch program and a Guidance Counselor writes a letter to the Admissions Office.  5.)  There are usually Free FAFSA Completion Nights at some of the local colleges (PSU-DuBois and Clarion).  College financial aid experts will help families get their online application completed correctly.  6.)  While the Guidance Counselor will help families throughout this process, it is very important for families to utilize the various college admissions offices and financial aid offices for more expert advice/opinions.  7.)  Prior to filing the FAFSA -- or going to one of the "Free FAFSA Completion Nights" -- you will need to get a FSA ID Number from the FAFSA website.  This will have to be done at least several days prior to a financial aid night.  You cannot show up without the ID number and expect to have your FAFSA completed.

By Ray Doolittle

There is a scam going on affecting seniors going on to college. Students will receive an email stating that they have been selected for a "work-study position" with their chosen university, usually mentioning a specific professor and/or department.

In some cases, they ask the student to reply with personal information. In at least one case, the "sender" tried to arrange an in-person meeting. All of these are scams, intended for who-knows-what.

Have your senior proceed VERY carefully with anything like this. Tell them to check with you (their parents) or me (in Guidance) before proceeding.
Let us know if you are struggling to hold on, or if you're going through a difficult time.
The website Raise Me gives students the chance to self-report various achievements that will earn them money toward many local colleges -- Clarion, Pitt, PSU, Gannon, Westminster, W&J, and many more. Check out the RaiseMe website to set up your own profile!
The FAFSA for 2020-2021 college-bound students will be available starting October 1, 2019. Visit the website to start the process.

We suggest that you use the IRS "Data Retrieval Tool." It is the income information (W-2 Forms) from 2017 that you will need to have available.

THE FIRST STEP is always to set up a FSA ID account. Visit this link to start that process: . If you are attending a free FAFSA Completion Night, you will need to set up the FSA ID at least several days in advance to make sure that it is activated.

VERY IMPORTANT: Identity theft "phishing" scams are aggressively targeting FAFSA information, so be VERY careful about sharing personal information via email or over the phone. ONLY share your personal data while logged into the official FAFSA website, or if you call them on the telephone.

ALSO -- although FAFSA can now be filed through a mobile-friendly device (e.g., smartphones) I do not recommend that you use this option at this time. Financial aid experts say that they are still "working the kinks out."
Call 1-888-UNDER21 (that is, 1-888-863-3721) to report underage drinking, or to report ADULTS who are supplying alcohol to minors. Callers can remain anonymous.
If you (or someone you care about) is thinking about hurting yourself -- or hurting someone else -- DON'T.

Call 1- 800-341-5040 for help!
Free FAFSA Completion Night
Free FAFSA Completion Night
BAHS is offering a "Free FAFSA Completion Night" hosted by a PHEAA representative on November 4, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the High School Library. A financial aid expert from the state will be on-hand to help you file your student's financial aid paperwork for college. This is only for the families of SENIORS.

Students and parents BOTH ABSOLUTELY need to have their FSA ID prior to this meeting. Go to this site to obtain the ID: .

Families will also need to following information for student AND parents:
* Social Security Number;
* Driver's License Number;
* W-2 Forms;
* Records of untaxed income received;
* 2018 Federal Income Tax Return
* Current Bank Statement


Call 849-8372 (ext. 2806) to register. (Leave a message if you get the recording.) Or email me at .
The ACT Exam will be offered four times throughout the 2019-2020 school year. Check with the Guidance Office to see about the specific dates at Brookville Area High School. Visit the website to create an account and register for the exams. Please record our school code as 390465 so we get your scores and can submit them to colleges with your transcripts. The test center code for Brookville is 197010. (Both the SAT and the ACT are accepted at virtually all colleges that require entrance exams. The biggest difference is that the ACT has a "science" section and the SAT does not.
Earn College Credits in High School
Earn College Credits in High School
Brookville Area High School offers a variety of classes that will allow students to earn college credits while taking their regular high school classes. The classes are taught by BAHS teachers and the credits are earned through Pitt-Bradford. The college credits are also VERY inexpensive compared to what they will cost students after they graduate high school. Contact Ray Doolittle in Guidance for more information. Classes associated with this opportunity include Pre-Calculus and Calculus, Advanced Statistics, Economics, AP English Literature, and Pitt-Computers. There are also "Dual Enrollment" opportunities through Clarion University (currently the most economical), PSU-DuBois, and BC-3 (Brockway).
Following are the dates for this year's ACT and SAT testing AT BROOKVILLE. Other dates are available at other schools.

ACT testing dates are as follows:
October 27, 2018
December 8, 2018
February 9, 2019
April, 13, 2019

SAT testing dates are as follows:
November 3, 2018
December 1, 2018
March 9, 2019
May 4, 2019

All registration is done online. Visit for ACT registration or for SAT registration.

Family Resources

7 months ago

Be sure to visit the U.S. Department of Education's new parent web page that provides resources aimed at parent and family engagement.  This new addition to the USDE's website is a valuable resource for those interested in learning more and getting involved in their child's education.

Below are books recommended by the Brookville Borough Police Department about school safety and security:

Giduck, J. (2005). Terror at Beslan, a Russian tragedy with lessons for America's schools. Archangel Group Inc.

Grossman, D., & DeGaetano, G. (1999). Stop teaching our kids to kill, a call to action against tv, movie & video game violence. New York: Crown.

Dorn, M., & Dorn, C. (2005). Innocent targets when terrorism comes to school. Canada: Safe Havens International, Inc.