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2020-2021 School Day Times

29 days ago

Student drop-off and departure times have been updated for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please click HERE for the 2020-2021 school day times.

2020-2021 Elementary Homeroom Lists

about 1 month ago

Brookville Area School District has released elementary homeroom lists for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  The lists for each building are linked below.

Northside Elementary School (Kindergarten)

Pinecreek Elementary School (Grades 1 & 2)

Hickory Grove Elementary School (Grades 3-6)

Back to School graphic

Please contact your child's school office with any questions related to the start of the new school year.

BAHS Hosts Bridge Camp with Dual Meaning

about 1 month ago

Brookville Area School District’s Bridge Camp is a day devoted to helping incoming 7th graders with their transition to the Brookville Jr High School.  However, this annual orientation held a dual meaning, as this event takes the district one step closer on the bridge to reopening the school for the 2020-2021 school year.  Per Governor Wolf’s directives and the BASD Health and Safety Guidelines, masks and social distancing were required along with other precautionary measures.

Violet Harper and Erika Doolittle assist incoming 7th grade student Arianna Burda with tie-dying bandanas to use as facial coverings.

Nearly 80% of the 7th grade class were in attendance, along with over 20 upperclassmen to serve as leaders for the camp.  School counselors and teachers volunteered their time to lead several stations throughout the day to promote fun and meaningful activities to help students acclimate to the new building and procedures.  Mrs. Morgan Easterbrook, who is one of the co-advisors of the Class of 2026, and school counselor Mr. Ray Doolittle led team building exercises on the newly refurbished gymnasium floor.  School counselor Mrs. Angi Bowser oversaw registration and led students on a school-wide scavenger hunt to help students find their classrooms and important locations throughout the building.  Learning support teacher Mr. Tony Davido and elementary school counselor Mrs. Kristen Drake facilitated the “What You Need to Know” workshop with a panel of upperclassmen who offered advice on being successful at the Jr/Sr High School.  Assistant principal Mr. Kyle Gordon talked with students about school safety and security.  Last but not least, Science teacher Ms. Cheri Keys, Spanish teacher Ms. Erin McCronich, and Mathematics teacher Mrs. Marilyn Himes conducted a tie-dying activity where they talked with students about prevention and character development.

The 2020-2021 school year for Brookville Area Raiders is set to begin on August 26.

2020 Brookville Area High School Hall of Fame Class Announced

about 1 month ago

BROOKVILLE- Four alumni have been selected to the 2020 class of the Brookville Area High School Hall of Fame at the Hall of Fame Selection Committee‘s annual meeting on Aug. 12. 

The class includes: Retired Col. James Harding, a 1952 graduate of Huntingdon, TN; the late William Kutz, a 1972 graduate, formerly of Brookville; the late Dr. Karl Nolph, a 1955 graduate, formerly of Columbia, MO; and David Taylor, a 1966 graduate, of Brookville.

The 2020 Class selections were announced by John Pozza, Brookville Area school director  and chairman of the school’s Hall of Fame Committee. 

Col. Harding is a decorated veteran and former fighter pilot in the US Air Force. He served multiple tours of duty in Vietnam where he flew 596 combat missions. He has received numerous medals of honor including the prestigious Air Force Cross, three Silver Stars and four Purple Hearts. He is a graduate of the Penn State ROTC program and played football for the Nittany Lions in the early-to-mid 1950’s.

Kutz was honored posthumously. In addition to earning all-conference honors as a fullback on some of Brookville’s most successful football teams of the early 1970’s, he later returned to the school as a highly respected teacher and coach at Brookville, where he retired in 2013. He received a PA State Teacher Award for the Wheeler and Dealer program he developed for his economics class. Kutz also was a Sunday school teacher and lay minister in the Presbyterian Church and served 12 years on Brookville Borough Council. 

Dr. Nolph was also honored posthumously. He was formerly the long-time Director of Nephrology at the University of Missouri Medical Center and a giant in the medical research profession helping to revolutionize the worldwide approach to treating patients with end stage renal disease. The University Medical Center endowed its Nephrology Department in Dr. Nolph’s name in 2007. Dr. Nolph was also valedictorian of the 1955 BAHS Senior Class before accepting a full academic scholarship in chemistry at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster. He then went on to earn his medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Taylor is recognized state wide and beyond for his expertise in historic preservation and community development. He has received numerous state and national awards for his groundbreaking Main Street redevelopment work in Brookville and numerous other communities. He is a noted historian, and previously served as Brookville Borough Manager, where he currently serves as a borough councilman. He is also a past recipient of Brookville’s coveted Dr. Walter Dick Memorial Award for community service, and the author of his newest book: The Way We Were: Brookville, PA through the Camera’s Lens. 

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the induction ceremony honoring the 2020 class, previously scheduled for Oct. 1 in the high school auditorium, has been postponed. It will be rescheduled sometime next year, either in the spring or by combining it as part of a dual induction with the 2021 class at next year’s homecoming.  

Each inductee or representative will have an opportunity during the next school year, either in person or by virtual means,  to address students and faculty on how Brookville Area High School laid the foundation for their success. 

Col. James Harding

William Kutz

Dr. Karl Nolph

David Taylor


BASD Preps for 1:1 Device Initiative

about 1 month ago

Several Brookville Area students volunteered their time to help staff prepare devices for Brookville Area School District’s “One-to-One” Device Initiative.  With funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, Brookville Area School District purchased 350 new Chromebook tablets for grades K-2 and 825 new Chromebook laptops for grades 3-12. 

Students and staff prep devices for the district's one-to-one initiative.

 With current inventory, this will allow the district to provide every student with a personal device to be used during their time as a Brookville Raider.  Students will also have the opportunity to keep their device upon graduation, if they meet certain criteria.

Students and staff spent the day opening packages containing devices and cases, then assembling them and organizing the devices for distribution.

More information about the 1:1 device program as well as district's reopening plans and new learning management system can be found by clicking HERE.

Students and staff prep devices for the district's one-to-one initiative.

Bridge Camp To Be Held August 12, 2020

about 1 month ago

Bridge Camp will held on August 12th and begin at 1:00pm.  Bridge Camp is a day camp designed to help incoming 7th grade students feel comfortable about their transition to the Junior/Senior High School.  Incoming 7th grade students will be paired with upper classmen to have a day filled with lots of great food, fun games and the opportunity to meet faculty and staff.

Parent-Student Orientation will begin at 5:30pm.  Parent-Student Orientation is an event that is held directly after Bridge Camp in the Junior/Senior High School Auditorium.  This meeting is designed to help parents and students understand the expectations and supports at the Junior/Senior High School.  Parents and students will be given the opportunity to ask questions and at the end of the orientation, parents and students will have time to tour the building.

To register for the event please click HERE.

Board Evaluates Superintendent

about 1 month ago

The Brookville Area School Board conducted its formal evaluation of Superintendent Erich May on June 15, 2020. The board used an evaluation rubric provided by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.  

Dr. May was rated proficient or distinguished in all six of the Objective Performance Standards: Student Growth and Achievement, Organizational Leadership, District Operations and Financial Management, Communication and Community Relations, Human Resource Management, and Professionalism.

Dr. Erich May

Dr. May received high marks for performing duties “in a manner consistent with the values and expectations of the board and community at large” and for maintaining “a regular presence in district buildings and at district events.”  

As part of its annual evaluation, the board also monitored the status of annual goals set by the superintendent last summer. Dr. May had achieved all four of his annual goals: familiarizing himself with the district, evaluating buildings and grounds, analyzing staffing levels, and reporting to the board on academic achievement.

Occupational Assessment Tax Information

about 1 month ago

Occupational taxes are being collected by Berkheimer for the Brookville Area School District.  The tax is levied at three levels ($50 for laborers, $85 for skilled labor, and $105 for professional/managerial).  There are example occupations for each level listed on the reverse side of the CHANGE form that is included with your tax bill.  If you need to adjust your assessment to another level, fill out the CHANGE form listing your adjusted occupation and mail the following three items to HAB-MISC, PO Box 25144, Lehigh Valley, PA  18002:

   1) the signed CHANGE form certifying your assessment adjustment,

   2) the stub from your original bill noting your revised amount, and

   3) your payment of the adjusted amount due to Berkheimer. 

A copy of the CHANGE form is available by clicking HERE.

If you receive a bill and as of July 1, 2020, you were retired, unemployed, a homemaker, active US military, clergy, full-time student or have moved out of Brookville Area School District, you may be EXEMPT from the tax. If you fall into one of these categories, you need to apply for an EXEMPTION by completing the EXEMPTION form and returning it to the school district by October 31, 2020.  The EXEMPTION form is available online by clicking HEREThe form is also available at the District’s Administrative Office located at 104 Jenks St., Brookville or by calling 814-849-8372, ext 1108. 

If you have any questions regarding occupational taxes, please call the Brookville Area School District Business Office at 814-849-8372, ext 1108.

2020 Census - Easy, Safe & Important!

about 1 month ago

Starting in March of 2020, you can fulfill your census duty online, by phone, or by mail. For more information visit:

Once every decade, our federal government conducts a census of the entire population. Many believe it is simply a head count, but it is so much more! The data derived becomes the basis for the distribution of more than $675 billion in funds for the betterment of our society. Our founding fathers believed the census to be such a vital tool that they mandated the decennial census in the Constitution.

Census graphic

IT IS EASY – For the first time ever, the Census Bureau will accept responses online and by phone; or you can still complete the census by mail, if you prefer.

IT IS SAFE – Your responses are protected by strict federal law. The Census Bureau will never ask for your Social Security number, bank or credit card numbers, money, or anything on behalf of political parties. Additionally, the Census Bureau has a robust cybersecurity system in place to encrypt and protect data.

IT IS IMPORTANT - Census data determines spending for key programs in our county such as housing, health care, education, and transportation. It helps analyze how communities have changed over time. It determines whether U.S. congressional seats need reapportioned as well as whether states have the correct number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As Americans, we receive many benefits from our federal government; we in turn have a few corresponding duties – to serve on juries, to pay taxes, and to participate in the census. This country was built on a spirit of service and sacrifice, of privileges and duties.

Starting in March of 2020, you can fulfill your census duty online, by phone, or by mail. For more information visit:

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Letter to BASD Families Regarding Cold/Flu Season

about 1 month ago

February 5, 2020 

Dear parents and guardians, 

With cold and flu season in full swing, it seems like a good time to remind everyone to keep kids home when they have symptoms of certain contagions. 

In general, students should stay home from school when they have a fever, diarrhea or vomiting. To prevent widespread flu, we also recommend that children stay home from school when experiencing chills, muscle aches, and frequent or croupy coughing. Headaches, stomach aches, sore throats and runny noses can also merit a day of rest and observation. 

To help prevent the spread of viruses, we ask for your help in teaching good hygiene habits. That starts with frequent hand washing. Children should also avoid close contact with people who they know to be sick, they should cover their mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing, and they should refrain from touching their eyes and biting their nails. 

A child who has a fever should remain at home until fever free for 24 hours. A child on antibiotics should be taking medicine for 24 hours before returning to school. A child who has been vomiting should be able to hold down liquids and solids before returning to school. A student should be physically able to participate in all school activities upon return to school. 

I should also say a thing or two about lice. Please understand that lice are common in elementary schools. During the winter months, the odds are good that someone has lice. We are sending letters home to alert immediate classmates when a student is carrying lice or nits, but generally speaking, we encourage everyone to be on the lookout for lice. 

Finally, a word about this new coronavirus. It has a lot in common with the cold and flu. Like those viruses, it cannot be cured by medication, so it is best addressed through prevention. When in doubt, keep your child at home for observation. When in doubt, see your doctor. And keep covering those coughs and washing those hands! 

Best wishes,

Erich May, Ed.D.


Brookville High School Educates on Anxiety and Mental Health

about 1 month ago

Brookville Area Jr/Sr High School's school counselor, Mrs. Angi Bowser can be seen in Mr. Ron Ramolt's Communication Arts class, educating students on mental health and anxiety.  Bowser had recently presented this topic at Brookville Area School District's Teacher In-Service Day with school psychologist Lauren Judge and fellow school counselor Ray Doolittle. 

Mrs. Bowser presenting to students about mental health.

Bowser, who has been a school counselor with Brookville for over a decade, is only a few hours of fieldwork from becoming a licensed private counselor.  Together, the two school counselors offer services to over 700 students at the Brookville Area Jr/Sr High School, while the school psychologist is utilized district-wide.  Since presenting to district faculty and staff at the in-service day, Bowser has received countless requests to present her research and information to various classrooms throughout the building, in efforts to help equip students with tools to combat symptoms of mental health issues.

2020 Summer Programs Available to High School Sophomores and Juniors

about 1 month ago

The Iacocca Global Entrepreneurship Intensive (IGEI) at Lehigh University held June 28 - July 25, 2020, the University of Pittsburgh Health Scholars Academy (UPHCSA) held on June 28- July 25, 2020 and Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences (PSEAS) at Penn State (held on July 5 – July 31, 2020  are accepting applications for the 2020 summer programs.  Current high school sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply.

For program flyers and additional information click HERE.

Further information about the programs may be found at: 

Lehigh University/IGEI 

University of Pittsburgh/UPHCSA 

Penn State/PSEAS 

For specific questions or to schedule a visit, please contact Diana Q. Shepherd, Director, IGEI at (610) 758-6886, Karen Narkevic, Director, UPHCSA at (412) 647-8129 and Jenneth Layaou, Director, PSEAS, at  (814) 867-0383.

Property Tax Relief - Homestead and Farmstead Exclusions

about 1 month ago

The Taxpayer Relief Act provides for property tax reduction allocations to be distributed by the Commonwealth to each school district. Property tax reduction is then provided to homeowners through homestead and farmstead exclusion(s). School districts are required to notify homeowners by December 31 of each year if their property is not already approved for this tax reduction. Applications for 2020 will be mailed out soon. Please note, if you own multiple properties, you will receive applications for each property that is not already approved. A property owner can only have one PRIMARY residence receive the homestead exclusion. A primary residence is where you intend to reside permanently until you move to another home.You may not claim multiple properties as your primary residence.

Tax reduction varies from year to year based on the Commonwealth’s distribution of funds and the number of homestead/farmstead properties that are approved. In recent years, approved homesteads in the Brookville Area School District have each received an annual tax reduction of approximately $200. If you had been approved for the 2019 Fall School Real Estate Taxes, you would have noticed a homestead credit listed on your tax bill and, if applicable, an additional farmstead credit up to the same amount. In order to be considered a farmstead, the property needs to be the primary residence of the owner, be at least ten contiguous acres in area, and include buildings or structures that are used for the purpose of commercial agricultural production.

If you receive a 2020 Application for Homestead and Farmstead Exclusions that lists your PRIMARY residence, please read the instructions carefully. If you believe you qualify for the homestead or farmstead exclusion(s), you need to return a completed form to the Jefferson County Assessment Office by March 1, 2020.

If you have been previously approved for a homestead or farmstead property tax reduction and the property no longer qualifies for the homestead or farmstead exclusion(s), you must notify the assessor at 849-1526 within 45 days of the change. Any person who files an application that contains false information, or who does not notify the assessor of a change in use which no longer qualifies as homestead or farmstead property, will be required to pay the taxes due, plus interest and penalties, and pay any applicable fines.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to call the business office at Brookville Area School District at 814-849-1103.

2019-2020 School Closing/Delay Information

about 1 month ago

Brookville Area School District utilizes a number of resources to inform the public of school closings and delays.  The following is a list of those resources.

NOTE: Due to the potential for technical difficulties on any given day, it's important to not rely on a single source for school closing/delay information.

snow covered car graphic

  • School Messenger - The district's mass notification system used to send automated phone calls, text messages, and emails to GUARDIANS and district staff.  More information about the School Messenger system can be found HERE .
  • BASD Website -
  • BASD Facebook Account -
  • BASD Twitter Account -
  • Electronic Sign - Located at the main drive entrance to Brookville Jr/Sr High School on Jenks St.
  • Television Stations
    • WTAJ
    • WTAE
    • KDKA
    • WPSX
  • Radio Stations
    • WPSU
    • Mega Rock/WMKX
    • WPXZ/KOOL 103.3
    • Sunny 106.5
    • Q102/Bigfoot Country
  • Other

BASD Seeks to Expand Pool of Substitute Teachers

about 1 month ago

BASD wishes to expand our pool of enthusiastic people who would like to work as substitute teachers. Did you know that anyone with a Bachelor's degree, regardless of the major, can apply to be a substitute teacher? The District can obtain an emergency permit through the PA Department of Education, which is valid for one school year. Additionally, districts can request a re-issuance of emergency permits for day-to-day substitutes on a yearly basis. Requirements include the following:

  • Proof of Bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • Background clearances
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien status (green card)

If you are interested, please contact us for more information on the processes and procedures; we can help you. Please contact Judi Anthony at 814-849-8372, Ext. 1119, or by email to:

Host Families Wanted

about 1 month ago

Brookville Area School District does not have a foreign exchange student this fall, so districtleaders are encouraging local families to consider hosting an international student.

“It’s a great way to add some diversity to our schools and community,” said SuperintendentErich May. Dr. May added, “Exchange students add something special to our schools, but theyalso create a great experience for host families.”

Study abroad programs bring people together, increase cultural understanding, and promote afriendlier world. Families who would consider hosting an exchange student can work withvarious agencies, including the Pan Atlantic Foundation.

In fact, Pan Atlantic has a representative right here in Jefferson County. Mrs. Beth Weiland, ofCorsica, is currently hosting a student from Thailand. She would be happy to answer questionsfor potential host families, and she can be reached at

Pan Atlantic does offer full year placements, but they are currently looking to place students forthe second semester, starting in January. This five month commitment includes room andboard, but natural families send spending cash, and the agency provides health insurance forstudents. Host families just need to set an extra place at the table.

Pan Atlantic students all speak English, although improving their skill with the language is oneof the goals of the program. Students from Korea, Spain, Italy and Germany are looking forhomes for January. For more info, call Mrs. Weiland or visit

BASD Updates Public on School Safety Measures

about 1 month ago

March 12, 2018

The Brookville Area School District administration and board of directors works diligently to make our schools safe for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

Over the past several years, the district has implemented and/or has made changes to a number of policies, procedures and systems all intended to enhance safety.  A security committee comprised of administrators, board members and local emergency personnel meets regularly to discuss and develop emergency procedures.   Working collaboratively, that committee has developed the district’s emergency operations plan and continues its work developing plans for specific types of emergencies, including reunification plans if an evacuation needs to occur.

Emergency procedure guides are located in each classroom and are also made available to district staff, bus drivers, and emergency personnel through a mobile app.

A variety of drills are held in all schools throughout the year including fire drills, lockdown drills, severe weather drills, and bus evacuation drills.

Local police officers regularly visit our buildings during the school day and are present at the majority of school events.

The district has surveillance camera systems installed at each building and the district’s telephone system automatically alerts a number of school district staff when a 911 call is made from any district telephone.

Emergency notification statements are pre-loaded in the district’s mass notification system, SchoolMessenger, that will allow administrators to quickly send information to guardians and staff in the event of a large scale emergency at any of our buildings.

And recently, the district has implemented a new visitor management system at each school that allows us to more closely track non-students and non-staff that are in the buildings during the school day.

These are just some examples of the things the district has done to improve safety and we are continually evaluating and making adjustments as necessary.

BASD Updates for Visitor Management & Student Drop-Off Times

about 1 month ago

The Brookville Area School District was recently awarded a Safe Schools Grant.  A portion of the funds from the grant have been used to purchase and implement a new visitor management system at each of our schools.  Beginning Monday, March 5, 2018, anyone visiting our schools during school hours must sign in a the main office of the school they are visiting.  Visitors will be asked to present their driver's license or other identification card to a BASD staff member at the office.  The ID card will be scanned into the system and a badge will be printed for the visitor.  Prior to exiting the building, all visitors must return to the main office, return their visitor badge, and sign out with school staff.

Hall Pass Logo

Additionally, when arriving at our schools and requesting entrance to the building, visitors should expect to be asked for their name and reason for their visit prior to being granted entry to the office.  Buzzers are located at the main entrances to all school buildings and will be used by office personnel to communicate with visitors prior to granting them entry to the building.

Finally, students may be dropped off beginning at 7:00 AM for the high school, 8:00 AM for Hickory Grove, and 8:20 AM for Pinecreek and Northside.  Parents should not drop off their children at the schools prior to those times each day.

We understand that these changes may result in some inconveniences for our families and visitors during school hours.  However, the safety of our students and staff is our greatest concern and these measures are being implemented to build upon other safeguards that are already in place.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to make improvements to our schools.

My Alerts Available for HG & HS Guardians

about 1 month ago

Use the My Alerts option to access and change settings for the types of email alerts you would like to receive for your student.

To display this page, move your pointer over your user name in the Home Access Center banner, then select My Alerts.

Subscribe to HAC Alerts

The My Alerts page includes checkboxes for the following types of alerts. If you are a guardian who can access multiple students in HAC, a separate set of boxes displays for each student. Checking a box enables the type of alert indicated.

       ·     Course Average - Allows email alerts to be sent on your student's course averages. To limit the alerts to averages outside a range, enter the bottom of the range in the below field - for example, 75 for averages less than 75 - and the top of the range in the above field - for example, 89 for averages of 90 or greater. Enter whole numbers; decimals are not allowed. To enable alerts for all averages regardless of their level, leave the two fields blank.

       ·     Classwork - Allows email alerts to be sent on averages for class assignments. To limit the alerts to averages outside a range, enter the bottom of the range in the below field - for example, 75 for averages less than 75 - and the top of the range in the above field - for example, 89 for averages of 90 or greater. Enter whole numbers; decimals are not allowed. To display averages for all assignments regardless of their level, leave the two fields blank.

Note: When you leave the My Alerts page, all of your entries are saved automatically.

BASD Food Service Offers Online Application for Free & Reduced Meals

about 1 month ago

The Brookville Area School District has made it faster and easier for parents to apply for free and reduced meals.

This free service enables families to receive program benefits faster than using the paper application.  Your application is electronically submitted directly to the child nutrition office for processing.
* Submit an application in minutes
* Easy-to-follow steps
* Faster processing
* Safe and secure

To get started visit .

Please visit the Brookville Area School District Food Service web page for more information.

Paper applications are available at the school offices, cafeterias or by calling the Food Service Department.

Rebecca Kammerdeiner
Food Service Director
(814) 849-1138

BASD Adjusts Security Policies Following PSP Recommendations

about 1 month ago

The Brookville Area School District received a good report from the State Police who recently reviewed the District’s security policies.  The State Police congratulated the District on its emergency policies, which have a chain-of-command that is three levels deep.  Also, the State Police were impressed that so many teachers had received training in passive restraint and with the District’s lockdown and active shooter plans.  

The State Police recommended two changes to improve the security of the District’s property. The two highest priorities were eliminating parking spaces next to buildings and securing the property from any outsiders while school is in session.  Because of concerns for emergency vehicles accessing the building and the potential of a parked car with dangerous devices next to the building, the State Police recommend all parking space be reallocated away from the building walls.  Over the summer, the budgeted repaving project for the high school will result in new parking lines and the elimination of spaces abutting the building.  There will still be sufficient parking for all teachers and staff. 

The District will also be enacting new policies that permit only those persons with reasons related to school business or their student to be on District campus grounds while school is in session.  “We were hesitant about implementing this policy because a number of community members walk the track and parking lot at our Hickory Grove and High School campus,” Said Principal Ruthanne Barbazzeni.  “But we have to take seriously the safety of our students and the recommendations of the State Police.”  The BASD School Board approved this policy and directed new signs to be placed around the campus perimeters that remind community members to return to walk or enjoy the playground when school is not in session. 

“We have to consider first the safety of our students, but we want the community to have access to the track and playground whenever possible,” stated board member Don Gill.  To accommodate state safety guidelines and to continue welcoming the community, the amended school policy states the grounds are inaccessible only when school is in session, from 7am-4pm during the academic year.  On weekends, in the summer, on snow days, and when flex days permit earlier use of the grounds, the public is welcome on school grounds to use the playground, basketball courts, and track.