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Board Evaluates Superintendent

The Brookville Area School Board conducted its formal evaluation of Superintendent Erich May on June 15, 2020. The board used an evaluation rubric provided by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.  

Dr. May was rated proficient or distinguished in all six of the Objective Performance Standards: Student Growth and Achievement, Organizational Leadership, District Operations and Financial Management, Communication and Community Relations, Human Resource Management, and Professionalism.

Dr. Erich May

Dr. May received high marks for performing duties “in a manner consistent with the values and expectations of the board and community at large” and for maintaining “a regular presence in district buildings and at district events.”  

As part of its annual evaluation, the board also monitored the status of annual goals set by the superintendent last summer. Dr. May had achieved all four of his annual goals: familiarizing himself with the district, evaluating buildings and grounds, analyzing staffing levels, and reporting to the board on academic achievement.

ADA Compliance Errors 0