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Brookville Elementary Students Participate in Academic Challenge

Brookville 4th and 6th graders came focused and energized for the first Academic Challenge on Wednesday, October 16th.  The 6th graders placed first in the Gold Bracket with a total of 685 points scored.  The team consisted of Sam Krug, Sorren Morelli, Riley Phillips, Sergio Sotillo, and Aaron Turner.  The boys worked collaboratively to earn points in multiple bonus rounds and Sorren placed first for the most individual points in the tournament with a whopping 195 points. 

Mia Cieleski, Olivia Cieleski, Atticus Reynolds, and Jordan Sarvey worked equally as hard in the Silver Bracket and earned third place overall with 270 points. Congratulations to all the students for their efforts and achievements!

A special thanks to Mrs. Burton who worked tirelessly to organize the event, Mrs. Drake for supporting our students and assisting with scorekeeping, and Mrs. Brown who volunteered her time to moderate one of the rooms during the event.  Thanks to all the teachers for their continued support! 

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