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Brookville Students Participate in Inaugural WWI Day

Brookville Area High School's Mr. Aaron Kalkbrenner recently helped to organize the high school's first World War I (WWI) Day.  WWI Day is a cross-curricular event that exposes students to the many different aspects of the war and the era to which it took place.  Over 100 students participated in the learning experience and were divided into groups of 4-6.  Each group was responsible for creating their own "footlockers" to hold their project materials from the day. 

Students take strategic positions within their trenches, as they prepare to throw plastic balls across "no-man's land."

Each 10th grade teacher offered a different learning perspective, based on their expertise.  Mr. Painter's Algebra class focused on code-breaking.  Mr. Ramolts Speech and Media course learned about propaganda.  Ms. Bernat's English class explored the unique poetry from the time period.  Ms. Weaver's Family and Consumer Science students experienced "food from the trenches," and Mr. Murdock's Chemistry class learned about chemical warfare and gas masks.  The epic learning event concluded with a simulation of trench warfare in the high school gymnasium.

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