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Fire Prevention Week - Protect & Educate Your Kids

A home fire is a devastating event that no one expects to happen - yet residential fires are the leading cause of fire deaths and injuries.

Children, especially children under five, are most at risk. Taking sensible precautions and teaching your child or children how to escape from a fire can help your family avoid heartbreak and loss.

Fire Prevention Week graphic.

As we mark National Fire Prevention Week, we ask families to join us in educating children, especially those in the early years, about these lifesaving strategies.

· Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and test your alarms with your children so they know and recognize the sound.

· Develop and practice a family escape plan, with two escape routes, and designate a common meeting area.

· Emphasize “get out, stay out” even if other family members, pets, or prized possessions are left inside.

· Before opening a door, touch it; if it is cool, open the door and leave the area. If the door is hot to the touch, use an alternate escape route.

· The cleanest air will be within one to two feet of the floor; drop to the floor and make your way to the nearest exit.

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