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Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit

Fifth and sixth graders at Hickory Grove participated in the Mobile Oilfield Learning Units on Thursday January 23rd. The MOLU, or Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit, is a traveling exhibition run by the Oilfield Energy Center that teaches students in grades 5-8 about science, technology, and careers related to the oil and natural gas industry through hands-on, educational activities. The MOLU visit was made possible by a grant from the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools.

Students participating in the Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit

The MOLU has six mobile units comprised of four stations each. Students learned about many topics related to the natural gas industry  like geology, engineering, physics, chemistry, history, environmental studies, and others.  Students traveled around in pairs, spending a few minutes at each station learning, filling out an accompanying worksheet, and exploring the hands-on materials – including a robotic arm and a microscope.

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