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PA Youth Survey Information

The Pennsylvania Youth Survey will be conducted for students in 6th grade on Oct. 8th and for students in grades 8, 10, and 12 on Oct. 9th during Social Studies Classes.   Parent information and passive consent letters were sent home and posted on the website.   Information gained from participating in the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) allows schools, districts, and communities to receive detailed reports (as described above), and also provide the community with a wealth of data to be used for grant writing, program and school safety planning, as well as targeting interventions to meet a school’s and community’s specific needs. The survey provides information that can be used to identify the incidence of various problem behaviors. Additionally, by tracking data over multiple PAYS administrations, prevention planners can assess the impact of programs and services over time. Results of the survey are used to determine the need for prevention services and services to support their work toward achieving academic and personal goals.

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