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Rachel's Challenge Movie Night Held in Brookville

By Kristen Drake

What an exciting night!  Our community is so privileged to have an asset such as the Moonlite Drive-In Theatre in our area.  We just completed our 3rd annual “Free Family Movie Night at the Drive-In” on Monday, October 22, 2018 as our kick off to Red Ribbon Week.

Students welcoming participants to this year's free movie night.

This was a dream to create an event that involves the community and the school working to promote a family activity that is affordable, doesn’t include alcohol, drugs and violence and promotes family connections.  Our 3rd movie night resulted in approximately 150 families taking advantage of this positive activity.  This movie night was also sponsored by PATHS, our parent/teacher organization.  PATHS sponsors the popcorn so that every child entering the drive-in receives a coupon for a free small bag of popcorn.  Students (6th grade – 12th grade) volunteer to hold signs, made by our students, promoting Rachel Scott’s message of kindness.  The students hand out the popcorn coupons.  The students also collect donations for PATHS so that PATHS can continue sponsoring events like this.  Another highlight of the event is that Ron Ramolt’s Multi-media students have helped to create our 2nd Anti-bullying commercial, filmed, edited and performed by our very own students (see the video below).  This commercial debuted on the big screen during this movie night!  PATHS volunteers, BASD Administrators, BASD staff and Friends of Rachel Club members were there to assist in greeting families entering the drive-in.  It is an overwhelming experience to be standing there watching families drive in, waving excitedly to our greeters, as they prepare to take part in this family activity.  Then, if you are lucky, you can watch the excitement of a parent of a participant in the commercial, as they watch their son or daughter appear on the BIG screen!

Contact Kristen Drake at to see how you can be involved in next year’s event!

Posters at free family movie night.

Students collecting donations at free family movie night.

Students greeting guests at free family movie night.

Mrs. Morres holding a poster at free family movie night.

Two students at free family movie night.

Cars filling into the field at free family movie night.

Movie starting at free family movie night.

Families enjoying free family movie night.

Decorations at free family movie night.

Moonlite Drive-In sign.

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