Walk to School - October 5, 2022

13 days ago

Walk to School

Step Forward, Lend a Hand…to Stop Bullying!

Wednesday, October 5

Walk begins from the Brookville YMCA

Hickory Grove walkers leave at 7:45 A.M.

Kindergarten walkers leave YMCA at 8:10 A.M. and RMA Library at 8:15 A.M.

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Walk to School Day is on Wednesday, October 5.  We encourage you to talk about this event with your children and prepare to join in the fun!  Your teachers and additional community members will be volunteering their time to make this a safe activity, too.  

Our starting point is the Brookville YMCA.  We will start walking at 7:45 AM for Hickory Grove students and 8:10 AM for Northside students. Kindergarten walkers may also meet and walk from the RMA Library.  Walkers will leave there at 8:15am.   Pinecreek students are encouraged to wear orange to support the message.   There will be no additional busing available for Pinecreek students.  Therefore, Pinecreek students will participate in their own activity during their school day. 

All students are encouraged to wear orange to school to support the message—Step Forward, Lend a Hand to Stop Bullying!


13 days ago

Pursuant to Act 84 of 1986, notice is hereby given by the Brookville Area School District Board of Directors that a meeting of the Buildings & Grounds Committee will be held on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 4 p.m., and a meeting of the Athletics & Activities Committee will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 3:30 p.m. Both meetings will be held in the LGI Room at Hickory Grove Elementary School.

Raider Time - After School Program for Grades 1 - 6

13 days ago

Raider Time is our after school program for students in grades 1st-6th to educate, empower, inspire, and enjoy!  We will work with students to build academic and social-emotional competence while promoting strong connections and a sense of community.  There is no charge for the program, but there are rules and standards that must be followed for the benefit of all students and staff involved.

Enrollment application forms can be found on the district website and will be distributed to all students in homeroom.  Please complete a new form for each child you are enrolling in the program.  If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Weible, the Afterschool Program Coordinator, at (814) 849-8372 ext. 3107 or jweible@basd.us.

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CDC Updates Guidance

13 days ago

Posted August 18, 2022

Dear parents and families,

We are looking forward to seeing all of our students next week. We are running the same bell schedules as last year – including early dismissals on Fridays – and school starts Wednesday, August 24. Recognizing that students need to be in school, the CDC has updated its recommendations regarding COVID. In short, the new guidance represents a shift from institutional direction to individual responsibility. In keeping with this latest guidance, we will no longer be conducting contact tracing or informing families of the need to quarantine. Students and staff who test positive should isolate for at least five days, but they are welcome to return when their symptoms subside. As with strep and the flu, students and staff should be fever free for 24 hours without the use of meds before returning to the building. In sum, families should keep sick kids at home and follow their doctors’ orders. Thank you for taking these precautions and for trusting and supporting us in the year to come. 


Erich May, Ed.D.


Board Evaluates Superintendent

13 days ago

June 28, 2022

The Brookville Area School Board conducted its formal evaluation of Superintendent Erich May on June 20, 2022. The board used an evaluation rubric provided by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. 

Dr. May was rated distinguished or proficient in all six of the Objective Performance Standards: Student Growth and Achievement, Organizational Leadership, District Operations and Financial Management, Communication and Community Relations, Human Resource Management, and Professionalism.

Dr. Erich May

Dr. May received high marks for ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations; demonstrating ethical and personal integrity; and maintaining the confidence and trust of school professionals and the community.

As part of their annual evaluation, the board also monitored the status of the goals set by the superintendent. Dr. May achieved all of his annual goals: overseeing the district’s comprehensive plan and the application for ARP ESSER; monitoring progress of the new maintenance building and other improvement projects; organizing in-service days devoted to teaching and learning as well as safety and security; and analyzing staffing levels and making recommendations as to the feasibility of reducing the workforce.

2021-2022 School Closing/Delay Information

13 days ago

Brookville Area School District utilizes a number of resources to inform the public of school closings and delays.  The following is a list of those resources.

NOTE: Due to the potential for technical difficulties on any given day, it's important to not rely on a single source for school closing/delay information.

cold weather campus picture

  • School Messenger - The district's mass notification system used to send automated phone calls, text messages, and emails to GUARDIANS and district staff.  More information about the SchoolMessenger system can be found HERE.

  • BASD Website - www.basd.us

  • BASD Facebook - Facebook.com/BrookvilleSD

  • BASD Twitter - Twitter.com/BrookvilleSD

  • Electronic Sign - Located at the main drive entrance to Brookville Jr./Sr. High School on Jenks St.

  • Television Stations
    • WTAJ
    • WTAE
    • KDKA

  • Radio Stations
    • Mega Rock/WMKX
    • WPXZ/KOOL 103.3
    • Sunny 106.5
    • Q102/Bigfoot Country

  • Other

Occupational Assessment Tax Information

13 days ago

Occupational taxes are being collected by Berkheimer for the Brookville Area School District.  The tax is levied at three levels ($50 for laborers, $85 for skilled labor, and $105 for professional/managerial).  There are example occupations for each level listed on the reverse side of the CHANGE form that is included with your tax bill.  If you need to adjust your assessment to another level, fill out the CHANGE form listing your adjusted occupation and mail the following three items to HAB-MISC, PO Box 25144, Lehigh Valley, PA  18002:

   1) the signed CHANGE form certifying your assessment adjustment,

   2) the stub from your original bill noting your revised amount, and

   3) your payment of the adjusted amount due to Berkheimer. 

A copy of the CHANGE form is available by clicking HERE.

If you receive a bill and as of July 1, 2022, you were retired, unemployed, a homemaker, active US military, clergy, full-time student or have moved out of Brookville Area School District, you may be EXEMPT from the tax. If you fall into one of these categories, you need to apply for an EXEMPTION by completing the EXEMPTION form and returning it to the school district by October 31.  The EXEMPTION form is available online by clicking HEREThe form is also available at the District’s Administrative Office located at 104 Jenks St., Brookville or by calling 814-849-8372, ext 1108.  

If you have any questions regarding occupational taxes, please call the Brookville Area School District Business Office at 814-849-8372, ext 1108.

BASD Seeks to Expand Pool of Substitute Teachers

13 days ago

BASD wishes to expand our pool of enthusiastic people who would like to work as substitute teachers. Did you know that anyone with a Bachelor's degree, regardless of the major, can apply to be a substitute teacher? The District can obtain an emergency permit through the PA Department of Education, which is valid for one school year. Additionally, districts can request a re-issuance of emergency permits for day-to-day substitutes on a yearly basis. Requirements include the following:

  • Proof of Bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • Background clearances
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien status (green card)

If you are interested, please contact us for more information on the processes and procedures; we can help you. Please contact Judi Anthony at 814-849-8372, Ext. 1119, or by email to: janthony@basd.us.

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U.S. Selective Service Information

13 days ago

I'm writing to provide information on the U.S. Selective Service System and answer any questions you and your students might have regarding registration requirements.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance with informing your 17/18-year old students the requirement to register and encouraging them to register with the U.S. SSS as soon as possible.  Please feel free to refer to our agency's website for more information:  http://www.sss.gov.

I'm based in the Pittsburgh area and I would be happy to answer any questions regarding registration requirements as needed.  My contact information is in the signature block below.

Thank you for supporting our nation's defense.  

Joe Miller
Joseph C. Miller
Major, U.S. Air Force
Detachment PA 1-13
U.S. Selective Service System 
PHONE: 412-952-3642
EMAIL: joseph.miller@sss.gov

Property Tax Relief - Homestead and Farmstead Exclusions

13 days ago

The Taxpayer Relief Act provides for property tax reduction allocations to be distributed by the Commonwealth to each school district. Property tax reduction is then provided to homeowners through homestead and farmstead exclusion(s). School districts are required to notify homeowners by December 31 of each year if their property is not already approved for this tax reduction. Applications for 2020 will be mailed out soon. Please note, if you own multiple properties, you will receive applications for each property that is not already approved. A property owner can only have one PRIMARY residence receive the homestead exclusion. A primary residence is where you intend to reside permanently until you move to another home.You may not claim multiple properties as your primary residence.

Tax reduction varies from year to year based on the Commonwealth’s distribution of funds and the number of homestead/farmstead properties that are approved. In recent years, approved homesteads in the Brookville Area School District have each received an annual tax reduction of approximately $200. If you had been approved for the 2019 Fall School Real Estate Taxes, you would have noticed a homestead credit listed on your tax bill and, if applicable, an additional farmstead credit up to the same amount. In order to be considered a farmstead, the property needs to be the primary residence of the owner, be at least ten contiguous acres in area, and include buildings or structures that are used for the purpose of commercial agricultural production.

If you receive a 2020 Application for Homestead and Farmstead Exclusions that lists your PRIMARY residence, please read the instructions carefully. If you believe you qualify for the homestead or farmstead exclusion(s), you need to return a completed form to the Jefferson County Assessment Office by March 1, 2020.

If you have been previously approved for a homestead or farmstead property tax reduction and the property no longer qualifies for the homestead or farmstead exclusion(s), you must notify the assessor at 849-1526 within 45 days of the change. Any person who files an application that contains false information, or who does not notify the assessor of a change in use which no longer qualifies as homestead or farmstead property, will be required to pay the taxes due, plus interest and penalties, and pay any applicable fines.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to call the business office at Brookville Area School District at 814-849-1103.

Host Families Wanted

13 days ago

Brookville Area School District does not have a foreign exchange student this fall, so districtleaders are encouraging local families to consider hosting an international student.

“It’s a great way to add some diversity to our schools and community,” said SuperintendentErich May. Dr. May added, “Exchange students add something special to our schools, but theyalso create a great experience for host families.”

Study abroad programs bring people together, increase cultural understanding, and promote afriendlier world. Families who would consider hosting an exchange student can work withvarious agencies, including the Pan Atlantic Foundation.

In fact, Pan Atlantic has a representative right here in Jefferson County. Mrs. Beth Weiland, ofCorsica, is currently hosting a student from Thailand. She would be happy to answer questionsfor potential host families, and she can be reached at bethderek@windstream.net.

Pan Atlantic does offer full year placements, but they are currently looking to place students forthe second semester, starting in January. This five month commitment includes room andboard, but natural families send spending cash, and the agency provides health insurance forstudents. Host families just need to set an extra place at the table.

Pan Atlantic students all speak English, although improving their skill with the language is oneof the goals of the program. Students from Korea, Spain, Italy and Germany are looking forhomes for January. For more info, call Mrs. Weiland or visit www.iwanttohost.org.

BASD Food Service Offers Online Application for Free & Reduced Meals

13 days ago

The Brookville Area School District has made it faster and easier for parents to apply for free and reduced meals.

This free service enables families to receive program benefits faster than using the paper application.  Your application is electronically submitted directly to the child nutrition office for processing.
* Submit an application in minutes
* Easy-to-follow steps
* Faster processing
* Safe and secure

To get started visit www.schoolcafe.com .

Please visit the Brookville Area School District Food Service web page for more information.

Paper applications are available at the school offices, cafeterias or by calling the Food Service Department.

Rebecca Kammerdeiner
Food Service Director
(814) 849-1138