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Remembering Brooke Emery

Brooke Emery memorial

The Raider Nation lost a truly special alum when Brooke Emery passed away last Friday, September 3, 2021. A 2020 graduate of Brookville Area High School, Brooke was a great athlete and a great person.

“She was a ray of sunshine,” said one of her coaches, Doug Roseman. “She was always smiling. It could be the coldest, wettest, most miserable practice ever, and she was guaranteed to say or do something to make you smile. She was always upbeat, and her attitude rubbed off on the rest of us.”

Coach Roseman continued, “She was one of the most dedicated athletes I ever coached. She was not the fastest runner, but she was a state medalist hurdler because she refined the hurdles to a point that few others ever attain. She would go over the hurdles again and again eliminating any little nuance of inefficiency until she got to the point that there was nothing left to improve. She led by example. She showed the other girls how you become an elite athlete. She shared her knowledge with the younger girls and helped them become better runners.”

Brooke had an attitude of gratitude and the spirit to persevere. Coach Dana MacBeth recalled, “The 2020 season, of course, never happened. We all kept the hope that it would, even a meet or two, so when we were all told that it was over, everyone was sort of stunned. I recall messaging Brooke, and through tears, telling her how sorry I was, while trying to maintain some sense of positivity. In typical Brooke fashion, she said, ‘Coach, I appreciate your time with me. I appreciate your commitment, but I am going to rise above this.’ And rise above she did. Brooke attended Shippensburg University that fall and, as a freshman, placed fifth in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference meet. I can hear her now, saying, ‘Told you so, coach.’”

Dan Murdock also coached Brooke. He remembered, “Brooke moved to Brookville in the late fall of 2017 as a tenth grader. Back then, she was Brooke Quairiere. With a last name like that, she went by ‘Brooke from Brookville’ that winter when I took her with us to some indoor track meets with a few other track kids. It was easier to say, easier to spell, and provided her a new identity. It didn't take her long to make friends with many students from different circles. That was just the beginning. After that year, it seemed like she had always lived in Brookville.”

“I'm sure many people can still hear her voice. I know I can,” said Coach Murdock. “It was common for her to stop by my classroom after eighth period and say, ‘What are we doing today?’ My reply would be ‘Dress warm,’ meaning we were going outside. ‘So much for indoor track being, ya know, indoors! Pfffftt!’  If you knew Brooke, you heard some sort of sassy response like that and knew it wasn't meant as disrespect. She was meant to be ‘Brooke from Brookville.’”

Coach Ryan Young also has many fond memories of Brooke: “My favorite thing about Brooke was her passion in life. I can think of several instances, where during mid-conversation, I could see the emotion on her face. Most recently, this past June, I ran into her in Walmart. I told her a story about my father who was very sick at the time. It was a ten-minute conversation about the situation, and I was emotionally charged. Brooke could feel my pain, and it transferred onto her face – there’s a saying people ‘wear their heart on their sleeve.’”

Coach Young added, “Brooke was an ‘all in’ type of person; she gave you everything she had to give at that moment in life. The passion she presented in all aspects of her life – track, school, interaction with friends – was so evident at all times. She left a permanent mark in my memory and will always be remembered as a focused, genuine and passionate young lady.”

Brooke enjoyed everything from baking to hunting, and as teacher Stephen Jaworski recalls, she was a talented artist too. She had earned a track and field scholarship and was pursuing an exercise science degree at Ship.

As Coach Roseman said, “Each and every one of us are better people for having known Brooke Emery. She will be in our hearts forever.”

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