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Brookville High School Educates on Anxiety and Mental Health

Brookville Area Jr/Sr High School's school counselor, Mrs. Angi Bowser can be seen in Mr. Ron Ramolt's Communication Arts class, educating students on mental health and anxiety.  Bowser had recently presented this topic at Brookville Area School District's Teacher In-Service Day with school psychologist Lauren Judge and fellow school counselor Ray Doolittle. 

Mrs. Bowser presenting to students about mental health.

Bowser, who has been a school counselor with Brookville for over a decade, is only a few hours of fieldwork from becoming a licensed private counselor.  Together, the two school counselors offer services to over 700 students at the Brookville Area Jr/Sr High School, while the school psychologist is utilized district-wide.  Since presenting to district faculty and staff at the in-service day, Bowser has received countless requests to present her research and information to various classrooms throughout the building, in efforts to help equip students with tools to combat symptoms of mental health issues.

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