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Keeping Bus Riders Safe

Every day in America, 25 million children board school buses. More than a thousand of those bus riders are Brookville Raiders. As we mark National School Bus Safety Week, we appreciate the efforts of our bus operators and contractors.

Statistics show that students are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely when riding a bus than they would be if traveling by car. Our drivers have extensive training, including behind the wheel, as well as all their clearances.

School Bus Safety Week graphic.

School Bus Safety Week is also a good time to remind drivers to slow down when approaching the big yellow bus. Yellow lights indicate that a bus is preparing to stop; red lights mean that the bus is stopped and students are loading or departing.

It is illegal to pass a bus with flashing red lights. Passing a stopped bus results in steep fines and penalties: Pennsylvania drivers face up to a $250 fine and a mandatory 60 day suspension for the first offense. When in doubt, stop. Help us keep our kids safe!

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